Meet the Rider: Walt Migdal

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Biking has always been an important part of my life. Come to think of it, so has water.  The difference is, we take one of those for granted. For me, the love of biking started early. As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, I had year-round weather to ride and play.  Also, there is no bigger day than the day you get your new bike! Obviously, one dresses up when you get your first bike! 

Walt (right) as a child.

Walt (right) as a child.

In high school I used to ride my Schwinn beach cruiser all over southern California and soon realized that I needed more than one gear. I soon put my paper route money to good use as I purchased a steel Raleigh frame and started building a new bike piece by piece.

I was able to keep riding in college where a group of us started a racing team and would travel around Colorado to compete. After college, the demands of life and work crowded out the bike. The excitement was rekindled when a good friend let me borrow his mountain bike and we took off for the fabulous foothill trails in Albuquerque. I was hooked and was riding the trails all the time.  When work took me to South Carolina, the bike went with me. I was able to find some amazing people who developed a phenomenal trail system outside of Augusta, Georgia, where we could ride for miles in the woods; the only problem was hunting season when we had to be careful of the myriad hunters who thought we looked like deer or wild turkeys! Later that summer, I had a coworker who was an avid road cyclist stay with me and let me borrow his extra road bike. Being on the road brought back great memories of riding in LA and Texas. After coming back to Albuquerque, I invested in a new road bike and have kept riding consistently for the last 11 years and have my biking bucket list of rides I would like to do.  RAAM is one of them! I am very excited to be on the EA team and look forward to seeing the country at 16 mph. 

As for water, Jenny and I have supported organizations that work to provide drinking water wells for villages that do not have ready access to safe and clean drinking water. With Water For People, I see them as going the next step, where they not only provide safe drinking water, but also the sanitation needed to sustain the villages and protect existing water supplies. I look forward to raising funds for their continued service in this area. 

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