Meet the Rider: Eleanor Allen


My love of cycling began when I was 14. It was my last year at Camp Merrowvista in New Hampshire, which was a camp that focused on the love of the outdoors (hiking, canoeing, and cycling). The final year of camp, the last hurrah, was a circumnavigation of Nova Scotia on bike. Ever since then I have been an avid cyclist. My ability to be in the saddle ebbed and flowed over the years depending on where I lived, how much time I had to cycle, and if I had cycling friends. The last several years have definitely been the highlight with the turning point being when my husband bought a road bike and was converted to being a cycling enthusiast! We cycle together in Colorado, for fun and on organized rides. Life is very good!

 By being a part of the Cycling for Water RAAM team I hope to raise awareness for the global water crisis and raise money for Water for People. My passion is helping people improve their quality of life by having sustainable access to water and sanitation. I hope that this race can amplify our work and our message, to further achieve our mission - especially to improve life for women and girls as they are disproportionately affected by inadequate water and sanitation. As a career water professional, I know we have the ability to change their lives, especially with your help. Thank you for your support! My personal motto is to ride hard and enjoy every downhill after every climb!

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