Meet the Rider: Jeff Boltz

FJA-RAAM Proof Set-5278.jpg

I have the opportunity to compete for the Cycling for Water RAAM team supporting Water for People in 2019 after a successful RAAM in 2017 as part of the EA Water For People RAAM team.  It is special feeling when you get to race to support your company’s social responsibility program by supporting the great cause that Water For People promotes around the world. 

During the race we take for granted that there will be plenty of drinking water available as we race across the country to keep us hydrated.  The sad fact though is that billions of folks around the world lack access to clean drinking water and have to spend the better parts of their days securing water for their families. By completing the RAAM in 2019 with Cycling for Water, I hope to raise funds and awareness to help solve the worldwide sanitation and drinking water crisis.   

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