The Wahoo Kickr (Eleanor Allen)

Now that Colorado cycling season is winding down, I am focused on getting ready for the RAAM next June. I decided to invest in a smart trainer to get serious. I am mostly an outdoor rider. I did have an indoor CycleOps trainer for those dark days of winter. However, I knew that I would need to put in significant time training indoors to get ready for the RAAM, and wanted to have an official training program. Thankfully my husband is an avid cyclist too. He did the research on smart trainers, which lead us to purchase the Wahoo Kickr. I did the research on which apps to use. I have tested The Sufferfest and Zwift. I am really enjoying Zwift, and now I have linked it to Training Peaks. I figured out how to mirror my iPhone to Apple TV only to find out that Apple TV has a Zwift app—that makes things even easier. I did my FTP test, and then set up my training program for the next eight months: build base, increase speed, peak, and taper! It is fun to race against other riders (Zwift) and train with real cyclists in real events (The Sufferfest). My next step is to meet with my new coach! More on that soon. My RAAM training has officially begun!

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